Hands-on Training

Our training facility is equipped with high speed network and comfortable conference rooms. This is not your typical cyber security training. We do have slide presentations but down to a minimal setup. We focus more on real hands on training and inject real work life scenarios.

Class Description Date
Intro and Designing AWS Environment * Installation and Setup (AWS Account and Management Console) * Launching EC2 Instance * Logging into EC2 Instance (Linux & Windows) * Storage (S3) * Networking & Content Delivery (VPC & Route 53) * Intro to Security, Identity, and Compliance Option One TBD contact training@netsectap.com
Firewall & Advanced Configuration Training Learn how to deploy pfSense firewall and integrate third party applications such as OpenVPN, Snort, ntopng, etc. TBD contact training@netsectap.com
Linux w/ Traffic Analysis All about Linux class + Traffic analysis. Intermediate Linux class with traffic analysis using tshark, wireshark, and other traffic analysis tools. Aug 18th & Aug 25th 2018 contact training@netsectap.com for additional info. Registration link coming up soon!

Professional Services

Our professional services consist of assessment reviews, security technology deployment to standard operating procedure creation. You can rely on us to check your current security posture and make sure it is where it should be.

Research & Development

We have combined 28 years of cybersecurity experience in the field of people, process and technology. We were born from the technical side of the house. We can test, install, setup, configure any hardware or software. We provide unbiased reviews and can create battle cards according to our clients requirement. We have helped organizations in the threat intelligence space and some of the technology we partner with. Talk to us, and let us show you what value we can bring to our organization.

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