Your Files or Your Life!

On October 24, 2017, a ransomware known as BadRabbit attacked Russia and Ukraine’s computer systems. The ransomware, mimicking various other ransomwares, posed as a download for Adobe Flash and, once clicked, locks down the computer system and demands BitCoin payment to decrypt the files. If not, the files would be deleted, forever lost. While one’s […]


Work IT

So you want to work for the network in the security department. You’re bright eyed and bushy tailed, getting ready for an interview or for your first day at work. There’s just one thing, though, you have no idea where to start. There are a few things one would need to do in order to […]

Security and Cyberterrorism

Security and Cyberterrorism

There’s something to say about security and the threat of terrorism going on around the world. While companies have taken measures to secure their own networks, there are still instances where the network is hacked, sometimes on a large scale. When that happens, it draws media coverage and alarms the customers and workers of the […]


Intruder Alert!

When one thinks of intruders, one might think of a burglar breaking and entering a house to steal something. Or one might think of someone trespassing on their property, thus needing to ward them off. On the web, it’s not so different. There are malwares and viruses on the web that can bring a system […]


Intrusion Detection Systems

Learning Intrusion Detection Instructors: Jeremiah Batac and Ray Caparros Date: JUN 1, 2017 1800 EST Leveraging Open Source to build your Intrusion Detection Systems For our folks who can’t join us in person, you can join us via zoom web @ #netsectap


Data Leak Prevention

Netsectap will be presenting Data Leak Prevention! Instructors: Jeremiah Batac and Ray Caparros Date: MAY 18, 2017 1800 EST Agenda * How to prevent data breaches * Methodologies and Techniques implementing and deploying DLPs Webinar is also available for this briefing via Zoom Topic: Data Leak Prevention Time: May 18, 2017 6:00 PM Pacific Time […]


Protect Your Network: Know Your Baseline Traffic

Everyone knows that a standard doctor’s visit begins with a review of your vital signs. They take your blood pressure, check your breathing, read your pulse and take a look at your eyes, ears, nose and throat to get complete picture of your health. By taking baseline readings each time you visit, the doctor can […]


Welcome to netsectap!

Welcome to #netsectap! We are here you help any aspiring network professionals achieve their ultimate career in network security. Individuals that want to change career, enhance their knowledge, get hands on training in network security, we are here to help. Please take time to review the classes we have completed. If you have a class […]